Official Website of the Fanciful Book
For Faerie Folk 18+ 
Written by SJ Gray 
Illustrated by Valentina Brostean
The Illustrator  

Valentina Brostean (born in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1983) graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts Novi Sad, holds the BFA degree in graphic design and MFA degree in Illustration and Book design.

Valentina Brostean is multi-disciplinary visual artist. Her work is figurative, narrative and surreal, expressed in various mediums across many fields of visual art.

With more than 10 years of experience in the creative business her artistic practice is related to different art sectors, ranging from fields of culture (curated gallery exhibitions on international level) to illustration and graphic design.

She’s specialized in illustration for children and adults, magazine editorials and character design – using both traditional media as well as software and the latest technology, collaborating mostly with clients spanning art, culture and commerce. She seeks for powerful – cutting edge solutions for creative and brave clients, applying bold aesthetics and surprising outputs across all platforms.

Her work has been described as wild, playful and serious, and she strives to maintain that balance yet not loosing her recognizable lucid personal signature. With a serious passion for the graphic world, strong and expressive, cutting edge visual language and wild imagination some would dare to call her Visual warrior!

Instagram: @art_of_valentina_brostean

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