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For Faerie Folk 18+ 
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Written by SJ Gray 
Illustrated by Valentina Brostean
The Writer 

SJ Gray, lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of The New Smoker. 

Born in New Zealand and educated in the United Kingdom, SJ is of New Zealand Māori decent (hapū Ngati Manu, iwi Ngāpuhi) and Pākehā.

SJ’s love for the arts, and a passion to travel led her to live throughout the world. From Greece to Norway, Australia to New York, SJ finally landed in L.A where she met her future husband, musician Soren Gray. Soren managed a cutting edge dispensary in Silver Lake at the time, where he had been developing his vision to “bring class to grass” and elevate the perception of cannabis culture.  With this in mind, Soren and SJ created The New Smoker Magazine together in 2012 (, and later the quirky cannabis New Smoker review site (  


SJ is passionate about cannabis becoming destigmatized within today's modern society. Green Flower Faeries was created to celebrate the magic infused into cannabis, and bring out the inherent beauty of the flower. Green Flower Faeries gives life to the spirits ever before hidden in the shadows, now finally free to come out and play in dawning light of this brave new world.     


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